5 Reasons You Need a Church

Why you need a church community more than you realize

Do I Really Need a Church?

It's a can of worms, right? "Do I really need a church?" There are so many answers which can go in so many different directions. Some of those answers even depend on your background. If all you've known is church, you're thinking "Yeah, who doesn't need one?" If you've experienced some negative vibes in your past it's more - "Ha, been there, done that, never again." And if you never set foot in a church, the thought hasn't even crossed your mind has it?

There are plenty of reasons you can give as to why you don't need a church. But, we believe God's desire is for every heart to experience the life-giving community a church can bring. It's not perfect (another post for another day), but there are several reasons why you need to belong to a life-giving church:

# 1 - You Need Community

Have you noticed how difficult it is to do life alone? Even the most introverted among us have a few close friends they stay in contact and develop strong relationships with. People join political parties, hang out at sports games, vacation together because everyone wants to belong somewhere.

God never designed us to do life alone. In the Creation Story (Genesis 1-3), God notices the first man, Adam, is alone and saw it wasn't good. So, He created Eve, the first woman, to do life with him. If you read the Bible you see humanity viewed as a large collective. Even when dealing with individuals there is almost always a connection back to the whole. God designed us to do life together in community with each other.

One of the best illustrations is the Body of Christ in the New Testament. In 1 Corinthians 12, we read each person is an individual with different gifts and even positions, but they're all connected to the Body and cannot function properly independent from each other. The hand needs the foot. The foot needs the eyes. And together, these parts form a life-giving body.

That's the job of a church community - to form a life-giving body. You need a church community because you need people who bring life to you!

#2 - You Need Coaching

Everyone needs a coach. You may not be training for the Olympics or picking up a baseball bat, but you need a coach. We need people who don't just love and care about us, but who see the God-given potential inside of us. Coaches see potential in their players and they draw that potential out. The best coaches know how to develop players to live up to their potential by teaching them proper techniques, giving inspirational talks, and even using discipline. Those players who respond become successful.

The pastor, pastoral staff, and other leaders serve as coaches within a church. They help identify, draw-out, and develop the God-given potential which is inside of you - even if you aren't aware of it. There is so much untapped potential in people waiting to be developed. You might be one of those people and without the right coaching, you may never live your life to the fullest extent God designed for you. You need a church because your potential needs coaching.

#3 - Your Marriage Needs Counseling

Whether you've been married for thirty years, thirty days, or thirty minutes - your marriage needs counseling. Counseling gets a bad rap. We sometimes assign negative vibes to it because it means admitting you have a problem and you have to sit in an office and pay someone to tell you how to fix what's wrong. And that's one aspect of counseling for sure. But, a life-giving church provides counseling for your marriage every second you and your spouse spend together.

Each message given has some direct application for your life and that means there is more change God wants to bring to you. Each change helps you become a better person, the person God designed you to be, and that in turn helps your marriage stay healthy. Imagine you and your spouse growing together by simply taking in what God wants to speak to your hearts each week in a life-giving church community. That's a lot of positive change!

Even if you're not married yet, a life-giving church community helps you build a strong foundation for your marriage to start on. There is a reason the old saying, "couples who pray together, stay together" is still often quoted today and still rings true.

#4 - Your Finances Need Direction

The number one thing people hate about church is all the talk about finances. The bad rap churches get (some deservedly so), is they just want your money. But, what if the church community you connected with wanted everything for you and nothing from you? Life-giving churches want you to be financially healthy and sound. What you need to do know is the Bible provides a lot of information about how to properly handle your finances. If you want direction for your finances, you seriously should consider belonging to a life-giving church. Still don't believe us? Look at this biblical financial advice:

  • Debt imprisons you (Proverbs 22:7)
  • Live with financial margin (Proverbs 21:20)
  • Invest wisely (Matthew 25:14-30; Proverbs 13:11)
  • Give Generously (Ecclesiastes 11:1)

That's just for starters. Life-giving churches can help you get your finances moving in the right direction because they understand God's principles regarding wealth.

#5 - Your Kids Need Safe, Stable, Genuine Environments

We saved what we think is most important for last. In a world which is changing faster than most of us can keep up, the need for children to have consistent, stable, loving environments led by leaders they can genuinely look up to is all the more important. Anxiety is at all-time highs and rising among Generation Z. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for all people 35 years old and younger. Culprits include bullying, anxiety, depression, and loneliness among others which are only enhanced and reinforced in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Imagine what the next generation coming up will deal with!? More than ever, our kids need environments which are safe, stable, and genuine. They need to know what's real in world of deep-fakes. They need to know they have value, that God designed them to be unique and not a knock-off. They need to know they have purpose. And they need to know all of this while having an absolute blast! Church should be incredibly fun, especially for our kids.


You need to belong to a life-giving church community! Perhaps more so than you initially realized. If you're in the Seneca/Clemson area in South Carolina, we want to extend an invitation for you to join us at Radiant Church! We're launching a life-giving church on September 20th of this year. You can join the Launch Team by clicking below or come be a part of a Launch Team meeting. They happen every Sunday at 10AM!